Past Productions


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Wife after Death by Eric Chappell
The Hollow by Agatha Christie
Rapunzel by Bradford and Webster
Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton
Harvey by Mary Chase
Junior Show - Porridge by Craig Hawes
Albert Wrigglesworth's teeth by Pete Gaskell
Journey's End by R C Sherriff
Snow White by Alan P Frayn
Enlightenment by Shelagh Stephenson
Vicar of Dibley by Ian Gower and Paul Carpenter
Junior Show - A Midsummer Night's Disaster and Kids in Tights
The Decorator by Donald Churchill
Born in a Hamper by John Stirling
Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood by Peter Denyer - Pantomime
Dick Barton: Special Agent by Phil Willmott
Straight and Narrow by Jimmie Chinn
Junior Show - Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits by Craig Hawes
I have Been Here Before by J.B. Priestley
Entertaining Angels by Richard Everett
Dick Whittington by Alan P. Frayn - Pantomime
Busybody by Jack Popplewell
Ladies Down Under by Amanda Whittington
Junior Show - Shakespeare Rocks by Steve Titford
Junior Show - Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies
Ladies Day by Amanda Whittington
Oh What A Lovely War by Theatre Workshop
Aladdin by Peter Denyer - Pantomime
Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring
Move Over Mrs Markham by Ray Cooney & John Chapman
Junior Show - Pirates of the Curry Bean
Junior Show - Around the World With 80 kids
An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley
We'll Always Have Paris by Jill Hyem
Sleeping Beauty - Pantomime
If I Were You by Alan Ayckbourn
Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore

Calendar Girls  
Bedroom Farce
Jack and the Beanstalk - Pantomime
The Secret Rapture
Unoriginal Sin

Snake in the Grass
Come Blow Your Horn 
Billy Liar
Brassed Off
Cinderella - Pantomime
Best of British- Carver junior Summer Show

Going Straight
Trap for a Lonely Man
Peter Pan - Pantomime
Secondary Cause of Death
Out of Order

Blood Brothers
Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves - Pantomime
Farndale Avenue's version of Macbath
All My Sons

We're Strangers Here 
Perfect Murder 
Mother Goose - Pantomime
Fairway to Heaven

Blithe Spirit 
Woman in White
Beauty and the Beast - Pantomime
Shirley Valentine
Strangers on a Train

Don't Dress For Dinner
Spring and Port Wine 
Babes In The Wood
Cat's Cradle
Humble Boy


Caught In The Net
Season's Greetings
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Murdered To Death
All Of You Mine

Steel Magnolias
The Real Inspector Hound & After Magritte
Jack and the Beanstalk- Pantomime
Dead Guilty
The Odd Couple (Female version) 


Month Of Sundays
Aladdin- Pantomime
The Memory Of Water
Neville's Island


"Bazaar & Rummage" - by Sue Townsend
"Gaslight"- by Patrick Hamilton
"Dick Whittington"- by Jim Sperinck (Pantomime)
"Amy's View"- by David Hare
"Rumours"- by Neil Simon


"Two" - by Jim Cartwright
"My Cousin Rachel"- by Diana Morgan, from a novel by Daphne Du Maurier
"Cinderella"- Pantomime
"Disposing of the Body"- by Hugh Whitemore
"The Steamie"- by Tony Roper


"Murder By Misadventure" - by Edward Taylor
"Violets And Vinegar"- by David Lodge
"Jane Eyre"- by Helen Jerome
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"- by Michael Buchanan-Smart
"We Found Love & An Exquisite Set Of Porcelain Figurines Aboard The SS Farndale Avenue"- by David McGillivrey and Walter Zerlin Jnr
"Dancing at Lughnasa"- by Brian Friel


"The Cemetry Club"- by I. Menchall
"Shadowlands"- by W. Nicholson
"Hickory Dickory And The Millennium Bug"- by J. Sperinck
"Time And The Conways"- by J.B. Priestley
"Funny Money"- by R. Cooney
"Summer Showcase" - Junior Section


"A Passionate Woman" - by K. Mellor
"Breaking The Code"- by H. Whitemoor
"Wizard Of Oz -The Panto"- by L. Caddy
"Hindle Wakes"- by S. Houghton
"Cold Comfort Farm"- by P. Doust
"Greece"- by B. Hollis


"Business Of Murder" - by R. Harris
"When We Are Married"- by J.B. Priestley
"A Christmas Carol"- by Dickens, adapted by D. Lodge
"It Runs In The Family"- by R. Cooney
"The Winslow Boy"- by T. Rattigan


"Relatively Speaking" - by A. Ayckbourn
"An Inspector Calls" - by J.B. Priestly
"Beauty An The Beast"- by R. Hills
"Twelfth Night"- by W. Shakespeare
"See How They Run"- by P. King


"On Golden Pond" - by E. Thompson
"Hobson's Choice"- by H. Bridgehouse
"Frankenstein - The Panto"- by D. Swann
"Out Of Order"- by R. Cooney
"The Chalk Garden" - by E. Bagnold 


"One For The Road" - by W. Russell
"The Importance Of Being Ernest"- by O. Wilde
"Sleeping Beauty"- by R. Hall
"Edge Of Darkness"- by B. Clemems
"Run For Your Wife"- by R. Cooney
Let The People Sing"- by D. Lodge


"I'll Be Back Before Midnight"- by P. Colley
"Celebration" - by K. Waterhouse & R. Hall
"Pinocchio"- by D. Swann
"Hard Times"- by C. Dickens
"Bedroom Farce" - by A. Ayckbourne


"Dangerous Obsession" - by D. Crisp
"The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery"- by David McGillivrey and Walter Zerlin
"Rumplestiltskin"- by N. Robbins
"The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie"- by J. Presson Allen
"Tons Of Money"- by Evans & Valentine adapted by A. Aykbourne
"Old-Time Music Hall"- by D. Lodge


"French Without Tears"- by T. Rattigan
"Veronica's Room" - by I. Levin
"Babes In The Wood" - by D. Lodge
"And A Little Love Besides" - by A. Plater
"A Chorus Of Disapproval" - by A. Ayckbourne


"Shock"- by B. Clemens
"Noises Off"- by M. Frayn
"Goldilocks An The Three Bears"- by R. Marlowe
"The Corn Is Green"- by E. Williams
"Daisy Pulls It OFf"- by B. Reagan
"Our Day Out" - by W. Russell


Out Of Sight, Out Of Murder"- by Carmichael
"Love On The Dole"- by Gow & Greenwood
"Jack And The Beanstalk"- by R. Hall
Breezeblock Park"- by W. Russell
"Stepping Out"- by R. Harris
"The Snow Queen"- by Magito & Weil


"And A Nightingale Sang"- by C.P. Taylor
"Deadly Nightcap"- by F. Durbridge
"Cinderella"- by Bewely
"Arms And The Man"- by G.B. Shaw
"Who Goes Bare"- by Harris Darbon
"Charlie And The Chocolate Factory"- by R. Dahl
"Seven Years Solitary"- by J.R. Broughton

"California Suite"- by N. Simon
"Pack Of Lies"- by H. Whitemoor
"Humpty Dumpty"- by Bewely
"84 Charing Cross Road"- by Hanff
"Move Over Mrs Markham"- by Cooney and Chapman


"The Anniversary"- by Macllwraith
"The Exorcism"- by D. Taylor
"Aladdin"- by L.H. Caddy
"Cider With Rose"- by N. Dlarke
"Rebecca"- by du Maurier


"Bedful Of Foreigners"- by D. Freeman
"Seasons Greetings"- by A. Ayckbourn
"There Was An Old Woman"- by B. Wood
"The Dresser"- by R. Parwood
"Bonny Brid"- by M. Church
"Educating Rita"- by W. Russell


"Blithe Spirit"- by N. Coward
"Death Trap"- by I. Levin
"Dick Whittington"- by L.H. Caddy
"Diary Of Anne Frank"- by Goodrich & Hackett
"Outside Edge"- by R. Harris


"On Approval"- by F. Longsdale
"Murder In Mind"- by J. Freely
"Babes In The Wood"- by V. Morgan
"The Accrington Pals"- by Whelan
"Barefoot In The Park"- by N. Simon


"There Goes The Bride"- by Cooney and Chapman
"Last Of The Red Hot Lovers"- by N. Simon
"Robinson Crusoe"- Pantomime
"Little Boxes"- by J. Bowan
"Ten Times Table"- by A. Ayckbourn

"Don't Just Lie There Say Something"- by M. Pertwee
"Someone Waiting"- by S. Williams
"Cinderella"- by N. Robbins
"Gigi"- by A. Collette
"The Cure OF Love"- by W. Greenwood


"Time And Time Again"- by A. Ayckbourne
"All In Good Time"- by B. Naughton
"Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs"- by J. Braham White
"Cause Célèbre"- by T. Rattigan
"Getting On"- by A. Bennett


"Not Now Darling"- by Cooney and Chapman
"Red Riding Hood"- by M. Ward
"The Crucible"- by A. Miller
"Two And Two Makes Sex"- by Harris & Darbon


"Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll" - by R. Lawler
"Habeas Corpus""- by A. Bennett
"Sinbad The Sailor"- by V. Morgan
"A Ghost On Tiptoe"- by Morley & Sissons
"See How They Run- by P. King


"All things Bright And Beautiful" - by Waterhouse & Hall
"Who Killed Santa Claus" - by Feely
"Jack and The Beanstalk"- by Morgan
"Ladies In Retirement"- by Percy And Dinham
"The Patrick Pearse Motel"- by H. Leonard


"Rookery Nook"- by B. Travers
The Day After The Fair"- by F. Harvey
"Mother Goose"- by V. Morgan
"Seperate Tables"- by T. Rattigan
Move Over Mrs Markham" - by R. Cooney and Chapman


"The Secretary Bird"- by R.D. Holme
"Suddenly At Home"- by F. Durbridge
"Pinocchio"- by B. Way
"Ring Round The Moon"- by
"When We Are Married" - by J.B. Priestley


"How The Other Half Loves"- by A. Aykbourn
"Murder In Company"- by King & Bolland
"Aladdin"- Pantomime
"Hobson's Choice"- by Brighouse
"The Killing Of Sister George" - by F. Marcus


"Present Laughter"- by Coward
"The Man Most Likely To" - by Rayburn
"Cinderella"  - Pantomime
"The Vigil"- by Fodor
"Birds On The Wing" - by Yeldham


"She Stoops To Conquer"- by Goldsmith
"Every Other Evening" - by Campaux
"Toad of Toad Hall"- by Milne
"I'll Get My Man"- by King
"Semi-Detached"- by Turner


Plays back to 1906 can be found here.

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