2016-17 Season's Plays


Every year we put on a mixture of plays including comedies and dramas as well as our famous pantomime. 

Paint roller

The Decorator

Donald Churchill

16th-24th Sept 2016

7.45pm (Sat 17th 2.30pm)

A part time painter is just beginning to decorate Marcia’s flat when the 

wife of the man with whom Marcia is having an affair arrives to tell all to Marcia’s husband. Marcia hires the painter, a part time actor, to impersonate her husband at the confrontation. Hilarity is piled upon hilarity as the painter, who takes his acting very seriously, portrays the absent husband.

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.




Born in a Hamper

John Stirling

4th-12th Nov 2016

7.45pm (Sat 5th 2.30pm)

1932 to 1945..Embraces the lives of a theatrical family and their two daughters who are sent to a Public boarding school in Sussex. The girls adjust grudgingly and on leaving, Pamela follows her chosen career, becoming a leading actress. Monica achieves success as a brilliant war correspondent and novelist. The play takes us from boarding school to concentration camp and they are reunited unexpectedly with their former school friends.  With a strong mixture of comedy an tragedy, this is a true story written and directed for the Carver Theatre. 


Robin Hood Hat

Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood

Peter Denyer 

13th-21st January 2017

Weeknights 7.30pm

Saturdays 2.30pm & 6.30pm

Sunday 2.30pm 

Join Robin Hood and his Merry Men as they adventure in Sherwood Forest and defeat the evil Sheriff in our traditional family pantomime.

Script provided by NODA PANTOMIMES.

Dick Barton

Dick Barton, Special Agent

Phil Wilmott

3rd - 11th March 2017

7.45pm (Sat 4th 2.30pm)

Dick Barton – Special Agent is a hilarious homage to the daily radio serial from the 

1940s.  When Britain’s entire tea supply is threatened to be poisoned, our hero finds himself wrapped up in an adventure soaked with intrigue and mystery featuring all sorts of dastardly foes including temptress Marta Heartburn and the evil Baron Scarheart - all the while finding time to sing a few songs along the way.  Will Dick save the day and get home in time for supper? You’ll have to come and find out! 

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.


Screenshot 2016-07-25 20.52.35Straight and Narrow

Jimmie Chinn

12th-20th May 2017

7.45pm (Sat 13th 2.30pm)

Lovers Bob and Jeff’s cosy domesticity is threatened by Jeff’s crisis. He is considering leaving Bob.... for a woman, so that he can become a father. Can Bob’s family help to rescue the situation? And will Bob be able to tell the seemingly ignorant Vera that the ‘straight and narrow’ is not the life for her favourite little boy?  

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.



Ali Baba and the Bongo BanditsAli Baba and the Bongo bandits

Craig Hawes

23rd-24th June 2017 

Check booking page for times

Open sesame and discover a treasure-trove of fun and laughter as witty writer Craig Hawes gives the timeless tale a twist in this mystical musical comedy. So slip on your sandals for some sandy silliness as we take a thrilling carpet ride with Ali Baba and his crazy camel on an amazing Arabian adventure!

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