For those who have a email address here are the instructions for getting at it and for connecting it to your existing email client.

Your email address will be something like
Using the email
You can get at the mailbox via a web browser by going to
Type in the email address and the password you were given.
Changing your password
You should change this as soon as possible.  Sign in to the email as above then use the configuration icon (a cog wheel) then click extras at bottom of left hand menu then you will see change password.

Using another email client

If you want to use your iPhone or another email client like Eudora or Thunderbird or Outlook the settings are:
Incoming server (IMAP)  
Incoming server (POP)  
Outgoing server (SMTP)
I use IMAP and SMTP because the emails are stored on the server for future use even if I download them to my phone.
Here is the on-line help for setting up connections
To send e-mail using the SMTP-Server, activate SMTP Authentication. Please do not use the Secure Password Authentication (SPA) option. Optionally, port 587 can also be used in addition to the default port RFC 2476
Using Outlook to connect to 1and1 email accounts and I have to use the advanced settings tab to get at a check box that says ‘Use SMTP Authentication’.