We can embed and display documents such as PDF’s in the body of an article. It does this by using Google documents to render the document.  You can include PDF’s MS Word docs and lots of other things.  Just be aware that it can take a second or two to do the renfdering

How to use it

It’s very easy to embed a document in any content article. Just use the following code:

edocs example 01
I normally set width to be 100% and height to be 350px
If you add ‘,link’ after the height it puts a download instruction at the bottom of the document – remember the comma. 
Possibly the simplest way to use it is to copy something that has been done before.  Have a look at Health and Safety on the Members Menu

Link to the instructions is here

If you need to embed external documents (from external sites), just write the full address of the document (remember to include http://…).




Copy the line below to give the user a clue as to how to expand the document.

Use the expand link iconicon to expand the document in a seperate window.

You will notice the icon which is stored at images/system/expand_link.jpg and the line has beeen indented using the indent tool on the text editor