This is the section of the web site dedicated to the members of the Carver.

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Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the guide on how you can get the best from the Carver Theatre.

Carver Expenses

If you have incurred expenses on behalf of the theatre the Carver’s expense claim form can be downloaded here, they are also available in the Treasurer’s pigeon hole at the theatre.  All expense claims MUST be accompanied by the original receipts, photocopied receipts are not acceptable.

Carver Helpers

To sign up for volunteering in FoH, bar, teas, ice creams, programmes and raffle please log on to the following web site and sign up for your choice of activity:

For the Carver FoH Procedures please click here.

For the layout of the theatre please click  here.

Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Our privacy policy for members can be downloaded here

Carver Complaints and Grievance Policies

The Carver Complaints Policy can be downloaded from : here

Show Programme Input

Directors, Cast and Stage Managers should use these forms to get information in to the programme. The forms can be downloaded from :

Programme form for Directors

Programme form for Stage Managers

Programme details for cast members