Carver Theatre Online 2021 Writer's Competition

The Carver has been providing theatrical entertainment to the people of Marple and beyond since 1906. Nothing - including a pandemic stops us. We have been creating high quality online productions and are keen for playwrights to put these skills to good use by holding a competition and producing the winning entries.

Become a winner and get your play produced for the world to see

It is very simple to enter. Read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page. Write your play. Save it as a PDF and send it to us using the form below.

Summary of the submission criteria:

  • Entrants must be aged 16+
  • Length 20 – 90 minutes
  • The play must not be a musical or pantomime
  • Suitable to be produced and released by Carver Theatre Online
  • Small cast (ideally no more than 4 main characters)
  • Submissions will be judged anonymously
  • Everyone who submits a play will get some feedback from the judges
  • Plays may be subject to requests for edits following review by our judging panel.
  • Full terms and conditions – all the legal stuff in very small print – is at the bottom of this web page. 
  • By submitting a play you are agreeing to the terms of the competition.

The Prize

The winning plays will be produced to a very high standard by the Carver Theatre’s award winning actors and production team.

Next steps

Plays to be submitted in before the closing date of Friday 19th March 2021. Manuscripts to be submitted as a pdf file in 14 point Arial font, double line-spacing.

    Use the button below to upload your play - only PDF's files are allowed and they must be less than 2 Mb in size.

    Full terms and conditions

    By submitting your entry (the ‘Play’) to the Carver Theatre Online play competition (the ‘Competition’), you agree to the following rules:

    The Play must be in English and must not be a translation or an adaptation of any other work (whether that other work is a play, a novel, a short story, a film script or otherwise).

    The person submitting the Play to the Competition must be the author of the Play and the Play (including its concept and plot) must be an original work of that person exclusively and must not be the work of any other person.  For clarification if there is more than one author the above clause applies jointly and severally.

    The author of the Play must be aged 16 or over.

    The Play must not have been performed professionally.

    The author of the Play must be the exclusive owner of the copyright in the Play and must have exclusive ownership and control of all performance rights and other rights in the Play. The author of the Play will retain such copyright, ownership and control, except that the Carver Theatre will have the right (without payment of any royalty or other fee) to perform the Play (whether on stage and/or by way of internet streaming and/or otherwise and irrespective of the number of performances and/or the length of gaps between performances) and/or to place and/or keep on its website a recording or recordings of a performance or performances of the Play, in each case for three years from the date of submission of the Play to the Competition. The production of those performances and/or recordings by the Carver Theatre will be in the exclusive control of the Carver Theatre, but any substantial amendments to the text of the Play must be agreed by the Carver Theatre with the author of the Play. The Carver Theatre will also have the right to keep a copy of the script of the Play and/or an audio and/or video recording of a performance of the Play in its own records and to do so without limit in time and without payment of any fee.

    The Play must have a performance running length of no less than 20 minutes and no more than 90 minutes and should have no more than four main acting roles.

    The Play must not be a musical or a pantomime.

    The Play must be suitable for production as either an exclusively audio production or a combined audio and video production. Please bear in mind that in today’s conditions it may be recorded by actors who are in separate locations from one another.

    The judging of the Competition will be at the absolute discretion of the Carver Theatre and the Carver Theatre’s decision as to the judgement of the Competition will be final.