The theatre was founded in 1906 as the Marple Drama Society and lived variously in Shepley Hall, the Old Tannery and various church halls before finally settling in Thomas Carver’s Recreation Club, commonly known as the Carver Institute.

This venue was gradually transformed into a cosy theatre with a good sized stage and the best light gas mantles could provide. It took another fifty years to acquire our first proper dressing rooms.

The Carver Theatre, like any amateur theatre group, is only as good as the people who produce, direct, act and stage-manage its productions. In this respect , we are better placed than most groups to deliver entertainment of a quality that belies its amateur origins. That’s because everyone currently involved with this theatre group strives to meet the most professional standards possible across all aspects of a production – its direction, it’s acting, it’s singing and dancing, it’s music, it’s sound, it’s lighting – for us, only the best will do. And for the people of Marple and its neighbours, that’s very good news indeed.

Carver Theatre, 1 Chadwick Street, Marple, Cheshire, SK6 7AX


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